Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are you the manufacture?

    No, we are not the manufacture. We are traders, the end seller. We buy from 16 deferent factories in Russia, Ukraine, CIS countries and Malaysia.

  2. Do you have IFA certificate?

    Yes, all our suppliers are registered at IFA.

  3. Can you give us a copy of the IFA certificate?

    Each and every factory has its own IFA certificate, copy of this certificate will be sent to the buyer with the shipping documents on request.

  4. Can you show us past performance documents?

    No, we do not provide any past performance documents, photos, and contacts of our clients to any party.

  5. Can you provide a soft POP?

    Soft POP? , What is that? , No!. We provide the POP by MT 799 Bank to Bank

  6. What is the minimum order quantity for annual contracts?

    The MOQ is 50.000 Mt per month.

  7. What is the minimum order quantity for spot contracts?

    The MOQ for spot contracts is 100.000 Mt.

  8. Can you give me a sample contract?

    Yes. You can download a sample contract on the Download page.

  9. Do you accept non transferable LC?

    Yes. We accept Irrevocable, Transferable or Non-Transferable and Revolving Documentary Letter of Credit from a top 50 world bank.

  10. From which ports the Urea will be shipped?

    The main ports are St Petersburg, Novorossiysk, Nikolayev and Odessa.

  11. Buyer wants to visit the port when loading the product, is it possible?


  12. We want to visit you on signing the contract ?

    Yes, you can sign the contract in Bucharest. We will be more than happy to see you in Bucharest in our office.

  13. I want to work as your sales agent, what will be my commission?

    If you bring us a buyer we can offer you 2-5 $US per MT as your commission. The commission fee is included in our prices.

  14. Can I sign IMFPA with you as your sales agent?

    Yes. Please refer to the Download page.

  15. What about the overpricing?

    Difference between our and the buyers price will be shared on mutual agreement. Usually its 50% to us and 50% to the agent.

  16. Do we have to pay a registration fee after signing the contract?

    There are no registration fees. Only swindlers and false sellers can ask you a registration fee.

  17. Any upfront fees?